Make dough handling less labor intensive

American Baking Systems offers a line of removable bowl mixers and bowl lifts for medium to large scale bakeries at attractive prices. Lifts with dump heights of 36″, 72″, and custom heights are available.

ABSTIP-10The ABSTIP-10 is a hydraulic bowl lift and dump system to maneuver your big batches onto the cutting table:
  • Works in tandem with all our removal bowl mixers
  • Lifts to 38 inches
  • Takes 20 seconds to lift to full height
  • Can be custom built to fit other manufacturers’ bowls


ABSRBM-200HDThe ABSRBM-200A makes your kitchen run smoothly:
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Two-speed digital panels with a manual back-up system
  • Self-contained hydraulic system lifts and lowers mixing head
  • Simple and low maintenance
  • Available with a separate lift and dump system
  • ETL AND ETL-S approvals

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