Single Rack Ovens

American Baking Systems offers a complete line up of gas and electric rotary single-rack ovens for your bakery. Solidly built, easy to operate, and efficient to run, these ovens are ideal for pastry chefs, artisan bakers, and supermarket bakeries.

rack-ovenThe ABSMRO-1G (gas) and ABSMRO-1E (electric) rotary single-rack ovens are great for any artisan, pastry, or supermarket bakery:

  • Available SMART Controller Technology with intuitive controls
  • Rack Lift System without use of troublesome linear actuator
  • Energy saving counterflow heat exchanger
  • Single penetration canopy available – eliminates second roof penetration while increasing oven and HVAC efficiencies
  • High grade stainless steel construction throughout
  • Easily serviced Blue Angel burner standard

ABSMRO-1G Brochure     ABSMRO-1E Brochure