Bread rounders and moulders.

Don’t hand form your loaves anymore. Save time and money with automatic bread moulders. Browse ABSs line of multi-tasking moulders.

ABSLBM-20 baguette and long loaf moulderThe ABSLBM-20 is an economical alternative to time consuming hand forming of baguettes and long loaves:
  • De-gasses and shapes pan breads
  • Synthetic belts and stainless steel exterior
  • Can be installed on your bench or on our stand with castors

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Conical-rounderThe Conical Rounder (ABSCRS-10 or ABSCRS-20) is for use with bread systems or as a standalone loaf and roll rounder:
  • Teflon coated rounding guides for non-stick operation
  • Flexible uses from loaves and rolls to pizza
  • No need for adjustments with this all-around model

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