Convection vs. Deck: Finding the Right Oven for Your Bakery

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Ready to change the world with your perfect sourdough loaf? Or brighten up the morning with an airy croissant? Starting your own bakery is an exciting prospect. But do you know the right equipment for the job?

Any old oven can bake bread, but you may have to fiddle with your fine-tuned recipe to get the same delicious sourdough loaf you are used to. With the right oven, you can get a consistent result and a popular product that sells out each day.

Here’s the run down on two of your oven choices: deck and convection.

The Specs on Deck Ovens

It is said that a deck oven is as necessary to a bakery as a mixer. Deck ovens differ from convection in that they use conduction and infrared heat for excellent, thorough baking.

Deck Pros

  • Ceramic or stone inside the oven for oven temperature regulation and direct heat conduction
  • Radiant infrared heat that directly penetrates into the dough
  • Hot steam for crusty bread that doesn’t lower the temperature too much
  • Individual temperature control for each deck
  • Control top and bottom elements separately

Deck Cons

  • Not as versatile as convection
  • Can take up a good amount of space
  • Very heavy
  • Building codes may require you have a hood or vent

Bottom Line

Deck ovens are champions when it comes to baking bread. All their features match up to everything you need for the perfect loaf. Get ultimate control with a deck oven in your bakery.

Convection Ovens Defined

The versatile convection oven offers you one thing no other can: air circulation. In a convection oven, heat is largely transferred by hot air blown from a fan. The advantage you get in convection ovens is very even heating at a wide range of temperatures.

Convection Pros

  • Better visual appeal, texture, flavor
  • More developed flavor
  • Faster baking times
  • Helps retain moisture when roasting
  • Thorough baking no matter where your pan is placed
  • Mobile units that don’t take up too much space

On the other hand, there are some things you miss out on with a convection oven.

Convection Cons

  • No steam delivery system for crusty breads
  • Doesn’t hold heat as well as deck ovens
  • Has some temperature variation with the cycling of the elements

Bottom Line

Convection ovens are best for items that you need to bake evenly. If you can do without differing levels of heat on top or bottom and need the versatility, this is your oven.

Making the Choice

Ready to find a great oven for your bakery? Look no further than American Baking Systems. Check out our selection of fine ovens here. Happy baking!